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Composite case: Joanne is the President of a growing Contract Research Organization (CRO) that recently acquired another CRO of almost equal size. The skill-set and services of the two organizations being complimentary, the combined organization was able to win a lot of business from Pharmaceutical companies. However, the process integration of the two organizations was not fully complete. Differences remained in how Study Proposals were generated and how billing was done in both organizations. In an effort to fully integrate the two companies, Joanne's team began to look for an ideal software system that would be the platform for integration. Such a software solution would implement the best processes from either organizations and hence be highly customizable. Not only that, since the integration was fairly new, Joanne was sure that her organization's needs would evolve with the growth of the business and hence the software solution must keep pace with her organization.

Solution: Joanne saw the benefits of Mindprint CRO system  immediately upon seeing a customized demo and engaged with Mindprint to deliver a customized system for her global team of Clinical Research Consultants. The first step involved Mindprint consultants spending two weeks interviewing the key staff in both organizations to analyse, document, and optimize internal processes. This not only clarified the processes to be implemented but also provided the CRO client with a full understanding of the cost of the cloud-based implementation. Mindprint then spent 8 weeks configuring the first iteration of the cloud-based solution. This was presented to the team of key users and feedback was gathered and documented. Another 8 weeks were spent to configure the final system which was then put through a User Acceptance Test with the key users. Such an iterative approach helped the team visualize the software and provide valuable input into the development process. All existing data from currently active Studies was migrated into the newly designed system before the system went live approximately 20 weeks after the initial requirements were documented. Mindprint provided high-quality, highly responsive support for 4 weeks after the system went live and then support was transitioned into a maintenance mode.

Benefits: The usage of the system has been 100% from day one, given the iterative approach to the software development and the effort spent in data migration. The combined organizations now use a single system for developing study proposals, recording expenses and time, creating studies, managing clinical trials, planning and tracking site monitoring visits, preparing site visit reports, and invoicing to clients.

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