Mindprint Implements Market-Leading Automation Solution for Ockham Oncology (Toronto, ON – May 28, 2014)

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Mindprint Implements Market-Leading Automation Solution for Ockham Oncology

Innovative Software System Simplifies Management, Improves Profitability of Clinical Trials

 TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – May 28, 2014) – Mindprint Inc. and Ockham Development, Inc. have implemented an innovative automation software system to help the global CRO manage trials efficiently to ensure a more focused approach to its core oncology mission.

Mindprint, a Toronto-based company specializing in software management solutions for the Contract Research industry, has worked onsite with Ockham to customize the new management tool, which went live in December 2013.

“Our passion is helping companies fight cancer,” said Jim Baker, CEO of Ockham, which includes a global division solely focused on cancer drug trials. “We have successfully completed more than 250 oncology trials for some of the leading pharma companies.

“Because of the operational complexity in managing global trials, our conventional software tools have become cumbersome. After extensive research, we chose Mindprint as our solution.”

Ockham continues to experience fast growth just two years after the successful integration of Nexus Oncology, a Scotland-based oncology CRO. Mindprint, which specializes in CRO software solutions, prepared an operational plan while working closely with the Ockham team.

“We interviewed the key subject matter experts for Ockham Oncology,” said Prasad A. Sristi, CEO of Mindprint.”We were able to use our library of CRO solutions for demo purposes to gather quality feedback and build consensus about what Ockham needed.” Both Sristi and Baker praised the thorough review of Ockham’s business.

“These new tools help us serve our clients more effectively and preserve our essential focus on the clinical challenge in helping our clients in developing new cancer-fighting formulations,” Baker said.

Mindprint implemented a professional services automation (PSA) tool customized for Ockham’s needs. A key part of the PSA allows Ockham to measure the profitability of each clinical study — a challenging aspect of every trial due to the many data sources associated with each trial.

Sristi said the core of the technology is the patented Axpert platform developed in Bangalore by India-based Agile Labs. This tool allow the customization of enterprise management systems without extensive hard coding.

Baker praised Mindprint software’s capacity to do much more for their business in addition to generating interactive reports on profitability. “The system implemented by Mindprint is exactly what we needed,” Baker said. “When we began implementation, we realized that if utilized correctly Mindprint can be fundamental to our business and meet our growth demands.”

The new software tools allow “much more accurate financial data and financial forecasts for our entire company,” Baker said.

ABOUT OCKHAM: Launched in 1986, Ockham is a global oncology CRO and full-spectrum global resourcing company. Clinical expertise, therapeutic focus, and successful oncology trial outcomes have created an industry leadership position for Ockham Oncology. Ockham Source continues to achieve sustained success by offering traditional sourcing solutions as well as a growing FSP (Functional Service Provider). Ockham’s world headquarters is based in Cary, North Carolina, with the European headquarters located in Roslin, Scotland, near Edinburgh. Ockham offices are located strategically around the world to serve global customers. For more information about Ockham, visit www.ockham.comRead more about Ockham Oncology.

ABOUT MINDPRINT: Mindprint Inc. specializes in serving Contract Research Organizations and pharmaceutical companies with cloud-based enterprise software solutions that provide direct business benefits such as enhanced profitability, streamlined business processes and superior customer value. Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Mindprint has partnered with a number of leading CROs and understands the life cycle of a clinical study as well as the business challenges and system requirements unique to the life sciences industry. Read more about Mindprint Inc.

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